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Piping Solutions into Your Business

Burst pipe or suspect you have a leak on your water mains? Let our expert project managers take care of everything for you.

We offer a range of specialist water-related services from a one-off leak detection (Find and Fix) survey, to pipe repairs, Automated Meter Reading (AMR), pipe replacements and installation of private site infrastructure, chlorination, pressure testing, sampling services and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) surveys.

As an award winning water and wastewater provider, we have the right skills and experience to make sure you receive the most cost effective and cost efficient solution for your business and high levels of service.

Our industry experts are highly trained and on hand to deliver a fast response, with a focus on quickly locating and repairing leaks using the latest equipment and giving you regular updates from your own dedicated contact. Whether you are a large manufacturing company, a public sector organisation, a multi-site business or an SME, our focus is always on delivering expert advice and a fair price that’s right for you.

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What are Pipeline Solutions opening times?

We are open Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Where does Pipeline Solutions operate?

Pipeline Solutions operate in both the north east of England and Essex and Suffolk.  We offer a nationwide service.

How do I know if I have a leak?

A burst water main can be obvious but the signs of a leak can be hidden and may simply be the result if an old water system creaking under the strain of daily use. Small leaks may never show above ground so you may have one or more that you don’t know about.

If you leave a leak it could get bigger and result in a burst, interrupting your business, disrupting supplies to your customers and requiring repairs to damaged infrastructure.

Is it my responsibility to pay for the pipe repairs?

Commercial properties are classed as private sites and as such water companies will not carry out any work within them, all costs relating to private water infrastructure is the sole responsibility of the current land owner/business which occupies the site.

What do I do if I have spotted a leak that’s not on my premises?

If you are in our Northumbrian Water supply area, please telephone our customer centre on 0800 393 084 (24 hour service) where one of our customer advisors will be happy to help you or report the leak online at

If you are in our Essex & Suffolk Water supply area, telephone our customer centre on 0800 526 337 (24 hour service) where one of our customer advisors will be happy to help you or report the leak online at

 If you are not in one of our operating areas please telephone the water company that supplies your area.

How I can prevent leaks?

More leaks happen during the cold winter months than any other time of the year. You can take some simple steps to reduce the risk of leaks caused by frozen pipes such as insulating water tanks and lagging pipes, valves and fittings and fixing dripping taps.


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