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Did you know all sports and leisure facilities new or old have a responsibility under health and safety law to carry out risk assessments for Legionnaire’s disease?

Health clubs, gyms, swimming baths, holiday parks, sports centres, hotels, golf clubs and stadiums will all have fixtures that could give rise to sprays or aerosols containing Legionella bacteria. Examples of these include:

showers and taps
communal showers and toilet blocks
spa baths, whirlpool
Baths and hot tubs
Turkish baths and saunas
ornamental fountains
humidified food displays
cooling towers and evaporative condensers used for air conditioning
hot and cold water systems including storage tanks and cisterns
swimming pools
sprinkler systems for lawns, playing fields and parks

Sports and leisure facilities are often used on a seasonal basis and will have periods of low water usage which can significantly increase the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria.

Hot tubs are known to be effective mechanisms for spreading Legionella infection. The correct management of spa pools is vital and they should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of infections.

We provide training courses to help you understand your responsibilities in accordance with Health & Safety Executive ACoP L8 legislation. Based on practical experiences of running our own holiday park, Leaplish Waterside Park in the North East of England, let us share with you our knowledge and experiences and give you guidance on the principals and practices for maintaining spa pools.

Our ‘One Awards’ accredited course in Our ‘One Awards’ accredited course in ‘Legionella Control Measures: Leisure & Spa Facilities’ is based on Health & Safety Executive/Public Health England guidance document ‘Management of Spa Pools’.

As leading experts in Legionella control and operating our own award winning holiday park, Leaplish Waterside Park, we understand the challenges you face. It’s often difficult to keep up to date with legislation and know what your duties are when complying with health and safety law. We can provide you with specialist knowledge, advice and a quality service that’s right for you.

Let us take away the hassle and help you fulfil your health and safety responsibilities by carrying out your Legionella control risk assessments.

Our expert Legionella consultants can offer you bespoke advice and solutions to help you understand your legal duties and manage the risks of exposure to Legionella, keeping your water systems compliant and your guests safe.
You can also benefit from a comprehensive range of business solutions from pipe repairs and water leak detection to advice on water regulations.

Looking to reduce your water bill and make your leisure club more efficient? Save money with our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution.

Enjoy a free, onsite quotation with the aim of helping to reduce your water bills and training on how to get the best from our AMR software. Our online system will then monitor your water usage 24/7 and identify leakage and wastage quickly.

Using this information we can quickly put in measures to reduce your water consumption and help reduce your water bill. You can also monitor your gas, electricity, and even steam discharge to help you identify ways to reduce your other utility costs


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