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NHS and care homes

For monitoring of any areas of your water systems that may cause a risk of contamination, you’ll be looking for cost effective solutions to make your healthcare organisation safe and compliant. Or perhaps you’re looking to save money on your water bill.

You may also need stack emissions testing for CHPs (hospitals only) and boilers, workplace noise assessments, leak detection, new mains and supplies, sampling and chlorination and pressure testing. See our list of services that can help you below.

When you’re dealing with more vulnerable people it’s crucial you are able to protect your healthcare premises against the risks of Legionella.

You’ll need bespoke advice to help you manage the risks of exposure to Legionella bacteria in your water systems. You are responsible for the health and safety of others and need to take the right precautions to comply with HTM (Health Technical Memorandum), based on ACoP L8.

As a healthcare provider you will require increased monitoring frequencies, for example businesses might need low usage flushing once a week but all NHS sites require low usage flushing twice weekly.

Our Legionella consultants have helped a wide range of organisations nationwide since 1991 carrying out Legionella testing in hospitals, GP practices, dentists and care homes. Our people have a proven track record working with some local authorities for more than 15 years and are all DBS checked.
You can rest assured your data will be kept safe in using our secure, cloud based solution and you can benefit from online, real time reporting.

As a leading water and waste water provider, we know what your legal requirements are so let us take of everything for you.

If you need stack emissions monitoring from CHP engines (hospitals only) and boilers, there aren’t many companies that offer both sampling and analysis. We’re on hand to sample nationwide for you and can give you accurate and prompt results using our in-house laboratories. Monitoring of biogas quality can also be carried out.
Routine monitoring from engines and boilers:
• Carbon Monoxide (BS EN 15058)
• Oxides of Nitrogen (BS EN 14792
• VOC’s (BS EN 12619)
• Non methane VOC (PD CEN/TS 13649)
• Sulphur Dioxide (BS EN 14791)
• Hydrogen Sulphide (US EPA 11)
• Oxygen (BS EN 14789)

Keep your employees and patients safe plus identify potential leakage at the same time.
If you need us to carry out mains and supply pipe chlorination and pressure testing, we can also send your bacteriological samples to our in house laboratories for processing so you can relax in the knowledge that your supply is safe and within water regulation guidelines.
Chlorination plays a vital part in water hygiene, and all new mains require chlorination and sampling before they are connected to the water network. Using the latest equipment we can accurately chlorinate your supply, preventing back-flow contamination at the same time.
Why not also pressure test your pipes, fittings and joints to make sure they are watertight and without leakage?

Looking to reduce your hospital, surgery or care home water bill? Save money with our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution.

Enjoy a free, onsite quotation with the aim of helping to reduce your water bills and training on how to get the best from our AMR software. Our online system will then monitor your water usage 24/7 and identify leakage and wastage quickly.

Using this information we can quickly put in measures to reduce your water consumption and help reduce your water bill. You can also monitor your gas, electricity, and even steam discharge to help you identify ways to reduce your other utility costs.

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