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Heavy industry

Manufacturers are required to meet a wide range of health and safety and environmental regulations and we know the pressures you face to make sure your operations are consistent and safe.

If you are looking for water related services from a one off leak detection (find and fix) survey to pipe repairs, automated meter reading, or workplace noise assessments, stack emissions and ambient air monitoring, see our list of services suited to you below.

The HSE estimates that more than one million employees in the UK are working in conditions that put their hearing at risk.

Did you know you have a legal responsibility to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work? Every two years (or if any changes are made), all UK employers are required to assess the noise levels in their factory or workplace and have a duty to protect their employees.

Let the experts monitor noise levels in your workplace, observe work practices, and advise on the correct PPE or control measures for you. We can even determine individual exposure to occupational noise during a typical working day and are on hand to give you a common sense approach to managing workplace noise, protecting your employees and complying with HSE regulations.

Let us carry out your workplace noise assessments and help you to provide a cost effective targeted approach to noise mitigation.

To meet the demanding requirements of your permits issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR), you’ll need a team of experts on hand.

Take the hassle out of a wide range of monitoring including compliance, EN 14181 QAL 2 and AST, fuel trials, process investigation, commissioning and Bio-aerosol testing.

Do you need to keep up to date with the latest legislation? We can advise on the latest monitoring standards and we will be happy to provide assistance during your EA Operator Monitoring Assessment (OMA) visits.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, high quality air quality monitoring service for the assessment of industrial, commercial and roadside residential sites, let us know.

Industrial facilities often require some form of odour assessment to be submitted to their regulatory body to make sure they are compliant with IPPC/EPR.

Odour can also trigger complaints from local communities and investigations may be required to determine the extent of the issue. Working with you, we can assess the impact of odours at the planning application stage and advise on mitigation measures and continuing effective management to meet planning conditions.

Do you need to know acceptable noise levels at your site? Do you need to comply with an environmental permit? Perhaps you have had a noise complaint and need to check you are not a noisy neighbour or carry out an impact assessment for neighbouring houses or factories. Let us do the hard work for you and benefit from our expert advice on planning applications, permits and industrial noise complaints.

If you need environmental noise monitoring, usually through a BS4142 assessment, we’re on hand.

If you suspect a leak at your business premises or factory but don’t know the location, our specialist leak detection team offer a fully comprehensive leak detection survey to find and fix the leak on your site.

Let us help you with expert advice on what to do next and how to minimise the disruption to get your business get up and running as quickly as possible.

A small, five litre per minute leak can cost you more than five thousand pounds per year. You can rely on our knowledge and experience from managing our own networks of thousands of kilometres of water mains so you can be reassured we know how to deliver the most cost effective solutions for you.

If you are confident of a leak location, let us carry out the required repair at a convenient time for you. We’ll help minimise disruption and provide all the necessary plant, machinery and resources to carry out the work from excavation right through to reinstatement.
A leakage problem can be frustrating and costly. Many of our leak detection and repair services use methods that minimise disruption to your business, but if you have to shut off your supply we can find ways to help keep your water flowing and look at alternative repair options, such as carrying out the work at night or on weekends.

Looking to reduce your water bill? Save money with our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution.
Benefit from an onsite visit and a free assessment to help reduce your water bills, and training on how to get the best from our AMR software. The online system will then monitor your water usage 24/7 and identify leakage and wastage quickly.

You can compare the costs and usage patterns of your utility consumption across multiple sites providing you with valuable expenditure information before your bills arrive. Let us install sub meters to help you identify where your utility use is high, allowing you to make further cost savings.

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